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My autobiography

My name is Miguel Angel Sanchez Guzman , I am 16 years old, I was born in Fusagasuga On January 5, 1998

My place of birth.

I live in la chamba block #24 house #1

My mom is called Maria Nelly Guzman Cabezas she is housewife

My dad is called Jose Aldemar Sanchez Rodriguez is businessman.

I have 2 sisters and 2 brothers of all I am the minor

My favorite food are the spaguetti

My personality

My pet is called a pollo.

I want to study social comunication in locution.

in the national university in bogota

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My favorite team.

Insect to which him I am afraid.


these are my friends.

I went to los Naranjos.

I admire to Carlos Valdez.

I want to travel to new york.

I think someday I will marry

someday board a cruise

fear a child or more

my worst enemy

I want to have many stores

I wanted to know many authors

help build schools

I want to have a car with a driver

I want to have an island

I want to be part of Team Colombia

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